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Tidbits and Helpful Hints

Come on in and please enjoy shopping here, I know we will become fast friends. I am quite fun to hang out with. ;-)
Handmade art like this takes time and care and I give it my whole heart, blood, sweat, and tears. I put my soul and love into every single piece I make, literally. I pride myself on making one-of-a-kind, hand forged pieces of jewelry.  I sometimes create similar pieces but each one has a personality of its own. With that being said, it does take some time to produce my hand forged designs. I aim to have new pieces posted bi-weekly and monthly or if I'm doing a whole collection, it could be a couple of months, so check back regularly as they tend to sell out fast. And as always, custom orders are encouraged unless the spots are filled up. (It happens a lot).

I'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad from you first. Head over to my contact page and send me a note. Also, please sign up at the bottom of this page to get weekly emails and extras. Once you subscribe you will get exclusive special coupons, sale notifications and local event action before anyone else. If you are a fan of my work, please help me get out into the innerwebs by "Liking", "Commenting" and "Sharing" my page on Facebook and please follow me on Instagram @coveritupcreations and make a quick comment on posts and even share or save them. It's so helpful, as it's so challenging to be heard and known without you. These are just some ways to help support a small business even if you cannot afford to buy but like what I do. I cannot thank you enough for buying local, supporting women owned businesses and buying the handmade products from my small but mighty company!!!

Fashion Corner

The new Pantone color of the year
is Peach Fuzz. I will definitely be making some peachy pieces, so check back regularly.

Fresh off the runway jewelry trends; the biggest one is miss-matched earrings. (Don't worry, these will be a staple, they sell out fast)!
As well as extra long, drop earrings, which I am a huge fan of.

Chunky chains and link necklaces are as big as they are long, and mix it up with chonkie bracelets and lots of them. Pearls are making a come back and I happen to have some in stock.

Layering - a lot of layering!

Jewelry with meaning is always super popular. Hand stamped personalized jewelry is still one of the hottest trends. (FYI - we do a ton of stamping!)

​Be fierce and mix it up, whatever mood you're in, go for it!  Have fun no matter what age you are and accessorize the heck out of your everyday wardrobe!

Product Care

  • Always store jewelry away from light and air.
  • Use a polishing cloth to effectively clean your jewelry.
  • Apply beauty products like perfume and hairspray before wearing your jewelry. Chemicals can harm or damage the finishes.
  • Keep sterling and silver plated jewelry on or in a non-tarnish pouch, box or a lined drawer.
  • Add a piece or two of chalk with your jewels to help prevent tarnish.
  • Keep pearls away from plastic and heat and keep in a felt pouch or box if you can.
  • Coat copper or brass earring posts or rings with clear nail polish to prevent discoloration on your skin from wearing these metals. Discoloration is not an allergy, it is reaction between skin and metal.
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