My Process


Here is a small corner of my studio where some of the magic happens. Pictured here is my drill press and pickle pots. Pickle is used in jewelry making to get rid of fire scale after it is fired with the heat of the torch. It is an essential part of the process and has to stay warm, so jeweler's tend to use mini Crockpots to keep the pickle warm all day while working.


​This is how my process typically begins, with carefully picking out and buying the gemstones, sketching them out with an idea first, and then gathering all the materials I need in order to forge them into the earrings that they became in the photo shown. Sometimes, I have an idea in my head and I go at it, no sketch needed. These two pairs are in the store, so click the STORE tab and click the Earrings menu and then click on the earrings to see the details, price and all of the images.

​I use all kinds of quality gemstones, found objects (because I'm all about upcycling), fine silver, sterling silver, recycled metals, brass, copper and some aluminum, nickel or steel. I seldom use gold because of the cost but if a customer wants it, then gold it is.

​Safety is very important when you are working with metal, flame, drills, chemicals, hammers, jewelers saws, stamping, filing and using the Flex Shaft and multiple Dremel's. Here's a rare glimpse of me in my gear. (And my hair is usually tied up but I wanted to look somewhat decent in my "photo-op" work attire). I not only wear many hats, I wear many safety items too. (LOL)!

"she's an old soul with
a modern vibe, loyal with
a splash of savage, a queen
with a dope heart".

- j. iron word
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