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Break out your inner warrior and follow us for all of your jewelry desires.

SLAY ALL DAY - in Phoenixville, PA!

Hi there beautiful souls. Here's my hand, sista's and brotha's, take it, dust yourself off and let's try that again, and again and again. Now that you realize you can do this, look in the mirror and say, "are you lookin at me? Yes, and I'm killing it!" I want you to feel soulfully badass when wearing what I've created. I infuse courage and fierceness into each piece. Express yourself, and your wild dopeness, because you can and you have NO qualms about it. Go treat yourself, get something that makes you feel like you can DO THIS, put on your proverbial cape (aka jewelry), be brave and go kick some arse! I’ve GOT you covered!!! And remember to laugh at yourself and life along the way, because laughter really is the best medicine while you’re kicking butt and taking names.​


​Cover It Up Creations Jewelry was founded and created in 2004 by me, Nikki Green.I am an artist. A self taught metalsmith who plays with fire and grinds out one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for those who dare to be different.

A one woman business with lots of grit, banging out creations that last generations for the courageous and determined ​go-getters. A lot of my unique and bespoke designs often feature upcycled materials as a way of giving them new life. That is the feeling I want to give anyone who slips into a piece of my handcrafted jewelry.


Since I was a toddler, I was fascinated with what was in my mother’s jewelry box. I am pretty positive that’s when my obsession with jewelry started. I sang before I could talk, I loved playing dress up, I was constantly making something, I was always very artsy and imaginative my entire existence and I’m pretty sure I was put on this planet to create.

As I’ve grown as a woman, I have learned many lessons in life, business, and love. As my work progresses, I find that being authentic, genuine, and giving are my core values as a person. I look back and think, dang girl, you did not have it easy, you were scrappy and fought for every little thing you have. I am strong. I am hard working. I show up. I’m loyal. I am self-taught. I am so proud of who I have become. That is what pours out of my work. I want to make you feel like you’re strong, proud and can conquer the world when you wear one of my original creations.


Always striving to do better then I did yesterday, I care very deeply about our planet, and it is very important to me that I use recycled substances as much as humanly possible in all areas of the business in order to reduce my carbon footprint. Sustainability is key, we need to do better in every aspect to help save our planet, and for the sake of a cleaner future for our ecosystem.​

My goals as a hooman and business woman, are to lift up and support those who show up everyday, never give up, are able to laugh at themselves along the way, and have relentless courage to keep going without excuses. I aim to maintain my endless style, honesty, and sense of humor for all walks of life, and for those who are brave enough to be perfectly imperfect.